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The Pilot has four central components which are grounded in the latest research on high-performing organizations and individuals.

  1. 1:1 Check-In's: Future-focused feedback conversations which should happen at least every two weeks, this is where supervisors can offer guidance and suggest course corrections, and employees can ask for advice or additional resources as needed.

  2. Goal Reviews: Discussions of longer-term individual performance and development goals which should happen at least every six months, goals should be agreed to and tracked by both employees and supervsiors.

  3. Pulse Surveys: All Pilot participants are sent regular, anonymous, one question surveys to capture feedback and identify areas for teams to improve; surveys are sent every week in the Library System and every two weeks for other participants.

  4. Celebrations: Employees and supervisors should be recognized and recognize each other for doing great work, this recognition can come as Cheers for Peers (part of the Pulse Survey) or in other forms.

The Pilot started in September 2017 and is planned to run two years. At the end of two years the Pilot will be evaluated and a recommendation made to the County Board of Supervisors, who will then decide whether to expand or discontinue the Pilot.