What is Employee Engagement?

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Until 2015, the County defined Employee Engagement as “the degree to which employees are connected and committed to their work, their colleagues and the purpose of the organization. Engagement is encouraged and demonstrated in the way the organization and employee work to support each other’s success.”

In 2015, the County partnered with BlessingWhite and picked up their definition of “The alignment of maximum job satisfaction (“I like my work and do it well”) with maximum job contribution (“I help achieve the goals of my organization.")

Why Employee Engagement is important

Engaged employees experience greater meaning, satisfaction and success in their work. And their organizations experience higher levels of customer satisfaction, service quality, innovation, and productivity and lower rates of absenteeism, turnover and accidents.

What the County is doing

In October 2011, the County began surveying Employee Engagement and has done so annually as a means to listen to employees throughout the organization, identify opportunities for improvement and taking action, and track progress while staying in touch with emerging issues.

The Employee Engagement survey has contributed to the creation of:

  • The Employee Engagement Committee – a countywide committee charged with developing and supporting countywide engagement resources and strategies
  • The Essential Supervisory Skills Academy – 16 hours of training designed to strength the supervisor-employee relationship, focusing on the areas of how to supervise as a coach, set performance and development goals, provide value-added feedback, and conduct meaningful performance evaluations
  • Supervisor’s Online Resource (SOS) Website - beneficial online resource for anyone who supervises (or wants to supervisor) which contains information and tools for onboarding new employees, key personnel policies, performance management, training and development, and more
  • Employee Engagement Guide – an online guide which contains tips and tools to improve engagement at every level
  • Departmental Engagement and Recognition Programs – departments have created a variety of engagement and recognition programs and events to promote employees’ connection and commitment to work, their colleagues and the organization.
  • Telework Guide – a Step-by-Step Guide with general guidance, best practices, and sample documents and forms that departments may use to create for more information on telework in 2015.
  • Onboarding Guides and Checklists – a suggested, standardized process for onboarding new employees for departments to use, or customize as they see fit; includes Onboarding Resources and Guide for Managers/Supervisors, as well as new Employees.

Every County employee can help to find positive solutions to improving the workplace; even small changes can yield big results. If you have a suggestion on how to improve our workplace, contact an Employee Engagement Committee Member and/or provide your feedback in the annual survey.

How to stay informed

This Employee Engagement site is your source to learn more about survey results, progress updates and other engagement news.

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