To Receive Your $250 Wellness Dividend:

Phase 1: Wellness Screening (February 1 – June 30)


Option 1:  Onsite Wellness Screening at a County worksite location (on County time with supervisor approval)

Option 2: Physician/Health Care Provider Visit (on personal time). Note: If you choose this option, please do not schedule a County Wellness Screening.

Option 3: BaySport Clinic (wellness screening vendor in Redwood Shores). Call 650-593-2800 to schedule an appointment.

Video: What Does a Wellness Screening Look Like?

FAQ: Am I Eligible for a Wellness Dividend?


Phase 2: Online Health Assessment (February 1 – June 30) - Click Here for Instructions

Kaiser Members: Total Health Assessment (THA)

Blue Shield Members: MeYou Health Survey


Phase 3: Workday Verification & Appeals (August 15 – September 15) - Click Here for Instructions

**Please check Workday in early August to verify completion of Phases 1 & 2

Appeals: If you are a benefits-eligible County or Court employee, you will receive written notification in mid-August if you have completed both activities to earn a Wellness Dividend. If you feel the written notification and status in Workday doesn't accurately reflect that you completed both steps to earn the Wellness Dividend, you will have 30 days to correct the information. You will be asked to submit written verification that you completed both required action steps on or before the June 30 deadline.


Phase 4: Wellness Dividend Payout! (November)

You will receive $250 in your November 9 paycheck!

Please note: The full dividend amount is the cost to the County for offering this benefit to each employee who earned it, but the dividend is considered taxable income per IRS guidelines. The IRS requires employers to tax all income, including bonuses, commissions, and other taxable income.