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The Department Wellness Champion is the inspirational voice for his/her department regarding employee health, well-being and work-life balance.

  • A Great Communicator - to represent County Wellness Committee efforts at the departmental level, and to represent Department employee interests at the County Wellness Committee level.
  • A Great Initiator – to capably spearhead departmental efforts to ensure a healthy work environment and healthy work practices for employees.
  • A Great Motivator – to engage employees to be their healthy best and to effectively manage work-life demands, through personal efforts or “big” ideas;
  • A Great Promoter – for Countywide Wellness and Work-Life initiatives and programs.
  • A Great Example – and role model for making healthy lifestyle choices and balancing work-life demands; relatable with personal experiences and health challenges that s/he is willing to share.

The Department Wellness Champion attends County Wellness Committee meetings, scheduled on the 2nd Thursday of each month, and participates in short-term projects as appropriate (estimated commitment = 2 - 5 hours /month)

DEPARTMENT WELLNESS CHAMPIONS as Department Wellness Coaches

Communicating The Value of Wellness on a personal level to your co-workers.

As the Department Wellness Champion, every day you have opportunities to expand the influence of wellness throughout your organization. Quite simply, you are “coaching” your department employees to bring more wellness into their lives and “coaching” your department management to take strategic steps that will instill a “Culture of Health” in your department.

What are the qualities of an effective Coach? Here are some that we found during a recent web search. Think about how you can embody these qualities in the wellness work that you do each day.

POSITIVE – dedicated to positive outcomes and influencing the good in the lives of co-workers, whether it’s one person or many.

RESPECTFUL – treats others with respect. Recognizes and acknowledges differences, including the readiness to change behaviors or habits, whether it’s one person or the whole department.

MOTIVATES – encourages and supports the employee, workgroup and/or department to take positive action. Takes the positive approach, not pushy nor guilt-laden.

POSSIBLE – believes individuals, workgroups and the department are capable of learning and changing. Collaborates and co-creates opportunities for that to happen.

LISTENS – taps into what is important to employees. Encourages open dialogue with and between employees. Does not give advice, unless asked.

NON-JUDGMENTAL – recognizes that everyone comes from a different circumstances, perspectives and experiences. There are many reasons why people do what they do – it is not for us to speculate or judge. As such, there are no “one size fits all” wellness solutions for individuals, workgroups or departments.

CURIOUS – asks great questions to learn more. Encourages others to ask great questions to learn more. Clear boundaries in private, personal matters - does not pry.

GENUINE – has had and is willing to share personal experiences and challenges that are relatable to others.

RESOURCEFUL – is familiar with County wellness programs and initiatives, able to find answers to employee or management questions in a timely manner and reflect that their questions, suggestions, and comments are valued and appreciated.

CONFIDENT – is comfortable in the role of a Department Wellness Champion. Gets results.

Selection process

The Department Wellness Champion is selected by the Department/Division Manager; supervisor approval (if required) is expected so that individual may participate in Committee meetings and projects. Larger departments are highly encouraged to consider designating several Department Wellness Champions, unique in position/location/demographics, to ensure broad representation of the department at County Wellness Committee meetings and to share role responsibilities at the departmental level.

The individual(s) selected as a Department Wellness Champion(s) should exude as many of the qualities listed above as possible. This individual should be well-respected within the department, someone who is approachable by any employee, regardless of job position or title. The individual should be relatable and willing to talk about his/her personal experiences or health challenges. This individual should have easy access to department decision-makers.


  • Develop a solid understanding of the County’s wellness program, goals and objectives, programs and services.
  • Develop a solid understanding of the County’s Wellness Policy, its organizational commitments, departmental responsibilities and opportunities.
  • Believe in and actively support the County’s effort to cultivate a healthy work environment, health work practices and healthy workforce.
  • Be enthusiastic, positive and non-judgmental in support of their employee’s pursuit of their best health and well-being as well as efforts to effectively balance work-life demands.
  • Ensure that the tasks and deadlines of designated County Wellness initiatives are met for their department.
  • Serve as the liaison between Department Management and employees to promote and support the County’s Wellness Program
  • Identify opportunities for department – sponsored wellness activities and programs, and work with County Wellness Program to coordinate/ implement (e.g. onsite massagetherapy, group exercise, wellness presentations at staff meetings, trainings or retreats).
  • With Department Management support, establish and staff a Department Wellness Committee that would be responsible for department specific programs and initiatives that focus on ensuring healthy work environments, healthy work practices and wellness culture.
  • Communicate, distribute and promote the following:
    • Newsletters
    • Wellness program calendar
    • Health club membership information
    • Posters and other visual aids to promote healthy living
    • Health fairs and Benefits Open Enrollment activities
    • Wellness screenings
    • Flu clinics
    • Corporate Stewardship opportunities (Heartwalk, Blood Drive, County fundraisers)
    • County programs and services promoting healthy, active lifestyles (Parks Dept)\
    • Resource & Referral information as posted on the Wellness Program website.