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Congratulations on your new employee(s!)

This site provides an overview of onboarding. The site contains information, resources and tools to which can be used as a starting point for successfully acculturating and developing new employees. The information is also available in a Guide and Checklist format and is available for download by on the respective items below.

The County aims to be an “employer of choice” -- recruiting and retaining top talent. The organization strives to create a positive working experience where staff are informed and engaged and have strong working relationships with their manager/supervisor and colleagues.  The foundation for this environment can be created through onboarding.


Onboarding is more than completing new hire paperwork or attending an orientation. Onboarding is collaborative, strategic approach that provides new employees with the needed information, tools and resources to effectively meet organizational goals.

Onboarding aims to:

  • Increase new employee productivity, by training them about the County’s, Department and Division and their respective cultures.
  • Improve retention rates of new employees within all employee groups by providing the wide array of information that employees need in order to feel engaged, successful, and connected.
  • Provide audience-specific, in-depth, timely information over an extended period of time, so that information is useful and memorable for the new employee.
  • Streamline processes and provide best practice information to enable managers/supervisors to deliver high-quality, consistent, and accurate information systematically to all new employees.
  • Foster an environment of employee engagement, where employees feel that the County of San Mateo is a great place to work.

Visit the County's Onboarding Website for new hires and supervisors.

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