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Coaching and Feedback

Take a look through the below topics for quick video reminders on how to get the most out of your coaching relationship and why we're working towards culture of continuous feedback.

The Feedback & Coaching Partnership

illustration of person holding plate with a peanut butter jelly sandwich

All About Check-Ins

illustration of lamp stand shedding light on text bubbles

Why Coaching Matters

illustration of chalkboard displaying a game plan

Why Feedback Matters

illustration of person holding a report in one hand and eating cereal with the other

Coaching Best Practices

illustration of paper with a game plan

What is Feedback?

illustration of cooking pot with text bubbles and stars

Coaching: Roles & Responsibilities

illustration of clipboard with whistle and pen

Feedback: Roles & Responsibilities

illustration of a book

Continuous Coaching Conversations

illustration of 2 notebooks and 2 pencils

Scenario: Asking for Feedback

illustration of a review card going into a box

Expectation Conversations

illustration with paper and pen

Feedback Best Practices

illustration of a checklist and pen

Development Conversations

illustration of 2 people comparing papers

Scenario: Giving Tough Feedback

illustration of a bad review going into box


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