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Thank you for your interest in the County of San Mateo Performance and Development Pilot!

The Pilot is not currently adding additional departments, but if you'd like to be considered for next year, or for general inquiries, questions, or technical issues with our Pulse Survey or Feedback Training videos, please email


For questions or issues relating to the Pilot in a specific participating department, please contact the below Pilot Liaisons:

Controller’s Office: Michael Wilkison,

County Manager’s Office: Heather Ledesma,

Health – Aging and Adult Services: Shannon Morgan,

Health – EMS: Linda Allington,

Health – Family Health: Donna Spillane,

Health – Finance: Gina Wilson,

Health – Information Technology: Eric Raffin,

Health - LEAP: Viral Mehta;

Health – Public Health, Policy and Planning: Anessa Farber,

Human Resources: Scott Johnson,

Office of Sustainability: Mike Bolander,; Danielle Lee,

Parks Department: Rolando Jorquera,

San Mateo County Libraries: Carine Risley,