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The County of San Mateo Performance Pilot will end unpopular, expensive, and ineffective Annual Performance Reviews in divisions of seven county departments: Controller's Office, County Manager's Office, Health System, Human Resources, Office of Sustainability, Parks, and San Mateo County Library.

Instead, we will re-focus on growing performance through proven employee engagement and development tools, starting with 1:1 check-in conversations and pulse surveys, both of which encourage real-time actionable feedback and suggestions.

The pilot is designed to be an iterative and evidence-based approach to improving performance, expect materials on this site to regularly change and be updated as we gather data.

The pilot is planned to run for two years starting in September, 2017, with the potential for additional units to join in September, 2018. After two years, pilot impact on performance will be evaluated and a recommendation made to County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors on whether to expand the program.