Past Employee Suggestion Winners

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21 Submissions have received Employee Suggestion Awards. These are not the original submissions; these are brief, conceptual summaries. 

Departmental Community Service

Marina Yu, Housing Department, $100 award, 2013

Explore the feasibility of having departments establish community service activities for its employees, allowing for enhanced teamwork and volunteerism, while contributing to the greater community.

Innovation Day

Garrett Dunwoody, Information Services Department, $100 award, 2013

Explore the feasibility of implementing an "Innovation Day" to allow employees autonomy to work on self selected projects that contribute to the organization's success. 

Internal Management Talent Exchange Program

Julie Goebel, Human Resources, $100 award, 2012

Implement an internal Management Talent Exchange Program

Food Trucks

Coleen Leong, Controller's Office, $100 award, 2012

Explore inviting food trucks (with healthy and diverse options) to sell food near county facilities

Solar Energy

Marina Yu, Housing Department, $100 award, 2012

Explore solar facility systems for existing and newly acquires facilities 

Electronic Invoices

Heather Oda, Public Works, $100 award, 2011

Receive, review, approve invoices for payment electronically

Green Audits

Marina Yu, Housing Department, $100 award, 2011

Conduct green audits to generate energy savings

Century Gothic

Dr. Anand Chabra, San Mateo County Health, $100 award, 2011

Change email font (to Century gothic) to reduce paper costs

Cost of Copies

Karen Rogers, Coroner's Office, $100 award, 2011

Public Records- Increase cost of copies

Absentee Ballots

Linda Gunn, San Mateo County Health, $100 award, 2011

Conduct all voting by absentee ballots to reduce costs at polling sites

Urgent Care Clinic

Jan Manders, Rebecca Downs, Julie Griffiths, Ed Lipton, Isela Montanegro, Ana Rivera, Yvonne Sylten, San Mateo County Health, $100 each, 2010

Initiate an Urgent Care Clinic and improve Emergency Department triage 

Spanish Classes

Lawrence Cualoping, San Mateo County Health, $100 award, 2010

Provide formal Spanish language classes for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses

Social Work Visitation Agreement

Esther Munoz, Health Services Agency, $100 award, 2010

Establish a Child Welfare cross-county social work visitation agreement to cut down on travel and hotel expenses

Inspection Updates via Cell Phone

Charles Clark, Planning and Building, $280 award, 2010

Implement a technology upgrade to allow inspectors to immediately input inspection results utilizing their cell phones from field right into an automated system

Email Contracts

Ray Mogel, Public Works, $100 award, 2010

Send invitations for new contracts out for bid electronically (email)

Eliminate Printed Agendas

Patrice Christensen, San Mateo County Health, $50 award, 2009

Eliminate printed agendas for meetings - use flip charts, white boards or electronic displays

Direct Deposit

Jason Gordon, First 5, $50 award, 2009

Use direct deposit for travel and other reimbursements, eliminating paper checks

Timed Lights

Cathy Baker, Human Services Agency, $50, 2009

Timers/light sensors on parking lot lights; adjust timers to account for daylight savings time

Encourage Webinars

Diana Chung, San Mateo County Health, $50 award, 2009

Encourage webinar meetings instead of in person meetings, especially for document review or trainings

Fast Draft

Lorraine Guerro, Superior Court, $50 award, 2009

Default printers to fast draft

VTO Options

Michelle Ladcani, Human services Agency, $50 award, 2009

Increase Voluntary Time Off (VTO) options to encourage employee participation in the VTO Program


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