The New Hire's First Month

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During the first month employees begin to grow and develop their skill set and knowledge base and begin to assume a regular workload. This period is critical to forming employee perceptions about the organization and position. Managers/supervisors should use this period of time to establish the foundation for a solid working relationship. 

Ensure Onboarding Tasks in Workday are completed

The New Hire Enrollment period begins approximately four days after an employee is hired. New employees have a limited time to elect their Benefits. The Benefits Division hosts bi-monthly Benefit Overview Sessions to assist employees in deciphering which Benefit option best meets their needs. Managers/supervisors should encourage new hires to attend a Benefit Orientation and/or review the Benefits Guide to ensure they select their Benefits within the required timeframe.

In addition, within the first week new employees should review and acknowledge the Countywide policies in Workday. Managers/supervisors should ensure that new employees complete these tasks and answer (or direct the new employee to the appropriate party) any questions the employee has regarding the policies.

Hold Regular One-on-One Meetings

Regular meetings provide dedicated time for manager/supervisor to discuss performance/goals, share informal and formal information, and provide value-added feedback and coaching. One-on-One meetings can also be an opportunity to discuss how the employee can continue to grow and develop by taking advantage of the County's Training and Development opportunities, such as instructor led and online training (available in the Learning Management System).  Additionally, for those wishing to further their academic development, the County offers a Tuition Reimbursement Program.

Managers/supervisor can also promote opportunities for employees to participate in the County’s Work Life Balance and Wellness Programs. A full list of Health and Wellness opportunities available to County employees is available on the Health and Wellness page on the County internet site and/or registration for training/events is done in the Learning Management System (Private Site).

Discuss Performance Expectations, as well as initial Performance and Development Goals

During regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings, managers/supervisors should review Performance Expectations and define the performance standards for all staff. The County has established a comprehensive yet flexible list of performance which reflects the skills and behaviors critical for success.  For more information on Performance Expectations, visit the CPMS Resource site.

Managers/supervisors should also set initial Performance and Development Goals for the first six months/probationary period with the new employee. Performance and Development goals are statements of the important results accomplished through work. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART) create mutual understanding by clearly identifying what constitutes successful performance.

During the probationary period Performance and Development Goals may focus on learning new skills required to effectively perform work, learning software systems and applications, understanding operations and gaining technical information.

For more information on Performance and Development Goals, visit the CPMS resource site.

Check in on the Onboarding Experience

Once an employee has been working for a while (usually one to three months), it is a good idea to check-in on his/her onboarding experience. The County will send the New Employee Onboarding Survey to every new employee after he/she has been employed for one month (and again at six months). However, the manager/supervisors should also connect with the new employee to understand his/her onboarding experience.  

  • Questions managers/supervisors may want to explore can include: 
  • Do you feel prepared for and able to do your job? If not, why? What do you need to feel more prepared?
  • Do you have all the tools you need to do your job?
  • Have you attended the New Employee Welcome (NEW)? If so, do you have questions/feedback?
  • How has the “buddy” worked for you? (if applicable)
  • Is there anything else I can assist you with?
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