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Welcome to the County of San Mateo!  We are pleased that you have selected the County as your employer of choice. This site was designed to be your one stop location for resources and information essential for new employees.

Now that you are part of our organization, it’s time to get you onboard! We have streamlined and automated the new hire process and created this website (and a number of other tools and resources) to help inform you about what to expect as a new employee in San Mateo County during your first day, week, month and year of employment. The guide acquaints you as to what to expect in the respective time frames, as well as provides information and resources that you may find useful throughout your career with San Mateo County.

Let’s get started

Once a start date has been determined it is important to immediately start planning for your success. The information on this page is also available in a checklist. Both this site and the checklist are  designed to help you have the best start possible.

Some things on this page and/or on the checklist may appear more than once and/or not all items may be applicable to all positions. If you have already completed them, check them off again as you move down the list. If you have questions regarding an item, ask your Manager/Supervisor.

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