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Introducing the Yammer Network! Our goal is to provide a collaborative environment to connect with colleagues and bridge various departments and geographic locations to share meaningful information.

Membership in the Yammer network is restricted to County email addresses. If you have a County email address that ends with,,,,, or, you can join the network with your county email address by signing up at If you are a county employee and have a different email domain, please contact Julie Goebel to request your email domain be added to the Yammer network. If you have a contractor or other person who does not have a County email address but requires access to the Yammer network, please contact Julie Goebel.

If you are new to using Yammer, please review the Network Etiquette Guide and join the Yammer 411 group where you will find tips and can post your questions about using Yammer. When you create a post, if you type "@" and a name you can "tag" an employee in your post to make sure it appears in their Yammer Feed and Notifications; type "#" to include a topic.

Please refrain from posting any sensitive/confidential employee information in this online forum. We are currently in an evaluation phase of the Yammer network. Official usage guidelines and policies are currently under development. Here are some tips for using Yammer:

  • Everything in Yammer stays in Yammer! (No public posts or Tweets, etc).
  • Please do not post confidential information into the main feed.
  • Be respectful to other members. It is acceptable to disagree, but please do so in a respectful manner.
  • Add value with each post.
  • You are responsible for the material you post to Yammer.
  • It is important to substantiate ideas, but please keep messages brief and to the point.

Get started by following these Best Practices:

  • When you first join, select the colleagues you want to follow. Posts from these colleagues will appear in your My Feed. To see all company posts, select Company Feed.
  • Fill out your Profile information. Complete the Expertise and Education sections and be sure to add a Profile picture!
  • Customize your email preferences in the Notifications section.
  • Before asking a question, search the Questions app and explore the Topics feed to explore existing content. This will help limit repetitive messages.
  • Browse the Group directory and join Groups that you find important. If a specific Group does not exist, start a new one and invite members of your team to contribute messages. For best results, use Groups as a replacement for existing email listservs.
  • Add Topics, Links, pictures, and Events to posts when applicable.
  • Take time to explore Yammer- you'll get the hang of it!

Post a Question, or send a Direct Message to the Yammer Network Administrator, Julie Goebel, with any specific questions

Happy Yammering!