Innovation Summit FAQ

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What is the Innovation Summit?

The Innovation Summit is a Countywide event where employees come together to develop ideas that will improve the organization. Participants will form teams and have the chance to collaborate with their team members and consult with subject matter experts to build out a presentation for their idea. Presentations will be judged and prizes will be awarded to winning teams. 

Can I attend the Innovation Summit on County time?

Yes, as long as you have supervisor approval. The Innovation Summit will count for training hours in LMS.

What can I win at the Innovation Summit?

The judges will determine the winning teams. Prizes TBD.

How do I form a team?

You must form your team and come up with an idea/concept before the registration deadline. Teams must be comprised of 3-5 employees from at least two different departments or divisions. Once you have formed your team, each team member should obtain supervisor approval and register for the event in LMS. After you register you will receive an email invitation to a survey where you will provide your team name, names of your team members, and a brief summary of the idea you plan to present at the Innovation Summit.

Does every individual who participates in the Innovation Summit need to submit an idea when they register?

No. Each team (3-5 people) needs one idea/concept.

Who can and cannot participate in the Innovation Summit?

Regular, term, and extra-help employees are all eligible to participate in the event with supervisor approval. Contingent employees, contractors and County volunteers are not eligible to participate.

Will I have to explain my idea in detail when I register?

No. The follow-up survey only requires a short description of your idea/concept. You will be given the opportunity to develop and refine your idea/concept at the event with your team and our subject-matter experts.

What happens when I register my team and our idea?

The Innovation Summit Committee, comprised of representatives from multiple County departments, will review each idea/concept description to ensure that it complies with competition rules. Teams with ineligible ideas will be notified by the Innovation Summit Committee.

Can I join more than one team?


How will I share my idea to the judges?

You will only have 3-minutes to make your pitch. The 3-minute time limit is strictly enforced. Presentation format TBD.

What if my team’s idea is deemed to be ineligible by the committee?

The Innovation Summit Committee will contact all of the teams who submit ineligible ideas and give them one week to revise their concept for the committee to review.

Who are the judges?

The judging panel will be comprised of subject matter experts, County executives, and/or department heads.

What if I have an idea/concept but can’t find a team?

If you are having trouble finding a team, you can recruit team members through the Yammer or contact

Will there be people with expertise in different County functions to assist teams with questions?

Yes. There will be subject-matter experts on hand to answer questions you may have when building out your idea/concept.

What can we expect the day of the event? Should we bring our idea flushed out and spend the day creating a pitch? Or just have preliminary data and expect to have time to flush out the idea?

After the speakers we will dismiss the teams to start working. During this time most of the teams spend a little time flushing out the idea and then start crafting their presentations to the judges. Since this may be the first time the team is meeting to discuss the idea in person, there is usually some brainstorming and decisions to be made about the idea and what is priority to pitch to the judges in the 3 minute time period. Watch the clock, use your time wisely. We'll make periodic time announcements during the work time. We'll also have subject matter experts on hand to help answer any questions you may have about different programs or policies at the County.

Here's a tip: Don’t save the important stuff to the end of the pitch…some teams have run out of time just as they got to the idea because they spent so much time on background. 3 minutes goes really fast!

For the pitch, will we need to have considered the implementation steps or just introduce the concepts?

One of the things your presentation will be scored on is feasibility, so you may want to touch upon implementation in your presentation but you do not have to have it planned out and go into details about it! 

Can you share past innovation summit presentations?

Unfortunately not at this time.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Innovation Summit Committee at


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