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All classes are free and on County time with Supervisor approval.

Benefits-eligible employees are encouraged to register and attend. Classes are also available to family members, contractors, part-time employees, and interns once the minimum requirement for benefits-eligible registrants has been met. Each class is 60 minutes in length unless otherwise indicated. 

After obtaining verbal approval from your supervisor, you may register for a class at the Personal Health and Well-Being website at Trouble logging in? Contact your LMS Administrator.

Am I a (blood pressure) cooker?

Our new “check list” for learning how to best manage your blood pressure was designed to take the pressure off! Join our nurse practitioner and registered dietitian for a step-by-step blood pressure check up where you’ll learn everything from risk factors and consequences to medications and self-testing. You’ll get hands-on practice for measuring your own blood pressure and a chance to buy a meter at a discount price!

Am I Living on the Blood sugar Edge?

If you’ve ever wished for a step-by-step guide to understanding diabetes, this ultimate check list class is it! You will first be guided through the key concepts of diagnosing and treating pre-diabetes and diabetes. Next, you’ll be able to check off the medical measures, nutrition changes and lifestyle improvements that you’re working on to lower blood glucose. Last, you’ll leave with a personalized to-do list to further reduce your risk of diabetes complications.

Blood Pressure Self-Study Program (fee)

Electronic Blood Pressure machines are available for purchase. Participants will: -- review educational materials to learn more about nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle strategies for managing blood pressure. --commit to making at least two healthy changes during the next 30 days -- take their blood pressure at least twice a week for four weeks to assure that they know how to use the machine

Blood Pressure Check Up

Learn the basics about blood pressure, what’s normal (what’s not), plus a review of the latest recommendations to keep your blood pressure as low as possible.
At the end of the course, participants may purchase a fully-electronic blood pressure monitor for just $20 (50% of cost).

cholesterol: healthy heart basics

This class is designed for anyone who wants to know the basics about heart disease. We'll review and describe the risk factors for heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and hypertension. You'll also get up to speed on all of the lab tests and blood pressure readings so that your next checkup really makes sense!

Cholesterol: Launching your diet for a plaque attack

This class is all about food -- yum -- but which ones lower your risk of heart disease and which ones raise it? Join us for this nutrition-focused class and you'll learn what food substitutions make the greatest impact on your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers. We'll review the blood pressure lowering DASH Diet, the best way to include more omega-3 fats, and how to read a label to make sure it's the highest in fiber to launch the strongest plaque attack!

cholesterol: managing heart disease

Let's move from knowing about cholesterol and heart disease to successfully managing it! This class is for anyone who knows a little bit about cholesterol, hypertension, and heart disease, but needs to take their management of it to the next level. We'll review the best ways to reduce chronic complications from these diseases, spend time analyzing your lab results and review many types and proper use of medications. Bring a copy of your recent screening results!

Conquer the Health Cluster

The cluster of conditions called “metabolic syndrome” is often undetected and untreated. We’ve created a detailed yet simple to follow “check list” class to cover the five components of metabolic syndrome – waist circumference, cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and blood pressure. Join us to check in on your risk of this condition and leave with the ability to prevent and/or manage it!

Diabetes Prevention: Basics

(2 hours)
This class is designed for anyone who wants to know the basics about diabetes. We’ll review and describe the main types, risk factors, and complications of diabetes. We’ll also highlight pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome so you know how interrelated they can be. Feel free to bring your latest lab results because we’ll spend some time getting up to speed on the lab tests used to diagnose diabetes including fasting glucose and the A1C.

Diabetes Prevention: Using Your Diet as a Sugar Buster

(2 hours)
This class is all about food – yum – but which ones raise your sugar levels and which ones don’t? Join us for this nutrition focused class and you’ll learn what food substitutions make the greatest impact on your blood glucose levels so that you can prevent (or manage) the diagnosis of diabetes. We’ll review the best techniques for making your diet diabetic savvy including the diabetic exchanges lists and carbohydrate counting.

Diabetes Prevention: Managing Your Diabetes

(2 hours)
Let’s Move from Knowing about Your Diabetes to Successfully Managing It! This class is for anyone that knows a bit about diabetes but needs to take their management of it to the next level. We’ll review the best ways to reduce and manage chronic complications from diabetes, spend time analyzing your blood glucose records and lab results. We’ll teach proper use of glucose meters and medications and even highlight the mental health challenges that often come with diabetes management.

My Heart Is Healthy, Right?

Join us for this exciting heart-healthy class never before offered at the County!
What makes this information-packed heart disease class deserving of the claim “ultimate” is the check list, check lists make things easier to manage! This condensed class covers everything from heart disease risk factors, common diagnostic tests and the lifestyle changes that will prevent or manage the disease. You will leave with a personalized check list to help you take the best care of your heart. Attendees will have a chance to win a door prize!