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Program Purpose

Recognize leadership, initiative and creativity by County staff in “greening” their facilities, operations and/or programs and increasing the visibility of climate change actions by San Mateo County government.

Selection Criteria

Selected programs must do the following:

  • Reduce the County’s carbon footprint by addressing one or more of the following areas: waste reduction, energy conservation, water conservation, mass transit and/or low or no emissions vehicles, climate change education, or other related areas
  • Demonstrate leadership, innovation and/or resourcefulness in “greening” a County facility, program or operation
  • Have quantifiable environmental benefits such as pounds of CO2 reduced, tons of waste diverted, or gallons of water saved
  • Demonstrate collateral benefits such as improved customer service, reduced costs and/or improved program performance

Submission Requirements

  • Description of department, program or individual(s) that initiated the project and the facility, environment and/or population affected by greening project
  • Statement of pre-greening situation and problem addressed
  • Description of greening activities
  • Measurement of direct environmental benefits
  • Description and measurement of all collateral benefits
  • Plan for sustaining the project
  • Potential to replicate project in other County or public facilities, programs or services
  • Submission deadline is Monday, September 30, 2019.


  • Selected program/project will be awarded up to $5,000
  • Countywide recognition for all selected programs including recognition by the Board of Supervisors, in the Climate Action Plan, on the web page and in press releases
  • Monetary award is based on the impact of the project and may be used for further green projects including, but not limited to, materials, labor and/or staff and client outreach and education