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Nourish Your mind and body

with a nutrition class

All classes are on County time with supervisor approval.

Classes are available to health-plan eligible County and Court employees. Extra-Help employees, contractors, retirees, and interns may also attend once the minimum requirement for health plan-eligible registrants has been met. Each class is 1 hour in length unless otherwise indicated.

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Brain and Mood Food

Will eating fish make you smarter? Can chocolate consumption really put you "in the mood"? What foods and nutrients can keep your brain young, reducing forgetfulness and increase reaction time? Join our registered dietitian for answers to these questions and to learn what science has to say about the ways food can alter our mood and brain function.

Carbohydrate counting 101

For people with diabetes who want to manage it best.

Cooking Demo

Join our nutritionist for a healthy cooking demonstration and walk away with a taste of some healthy soups, salads or wraps. You will be guided step-by-step how to create delicious, simple meals for you and your family without breaking your bank or back. You will also learn about the nutrition contribution of key ingredients so you understand how these healthy foods can lower your risk of disease (and belt size)!

Detox Diets and Cleanses

If you’ve ever wanted to “clean up” your diet, this seminar is for you! In addition to learning the pros and cons of detox diets and cleansing, you’ll learn about the ways your body detoxifies and what foods improve your ability to stay clean and healthy.

Diabetes for dummies

Learn about diabetes and how food can help prevent and control it.

Eating Strategies for Surviving the Holidays

The holidays are typically packed with weight-gaining traditional treats and seasonal celebrations but our Registered Dietitian wants you armed and ready! She will share with you the most impactful nutrition tricks you can incorporate into the holidays so that you prevent the usual weight gain that occurs between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Fad Diets

Get the skinny on the most popular diet books and plans.

Fast food and restaurant eating

How to eat without doing your diet in!

Food and Mood

Have you ever wondered whether the food you eat effects your mood? Well you are not alone. Scientists have been exploring the tricky connections between what you eat and how you feel and this seminar highlights what they’ve learned so far. Does the Thanksgiving turkey really make you tired or is it the large meal that caused fatigue? Does caffeine improve mood and wellbeing or do studies show the opposite? Join our nutritionist to hear the latest including why that warm milk before bed might just help you sleep.

Food and Body Connections

Learn how foods and body parts look (and nourish) alike!

Good carbs, bad carbs

Learn fact vs. fiction about carbohydrates, your health and weight.

Green Eating

Green eating is more than eating your vegetables; it's about consuming food that improves your health and the health of the planet. Join us for this enlightening seminar to learn about the concepts of "eating green" which include using local eating fresh guides, the slow food movement and ways your diet can lower your carbon footprint.

How to Eat Like a Pro—Probiotics That Is!

If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from digestive discomfort, it’s time to eat like a pro! Probiotics can be found in both food and supplement form, and are bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of organisms in the intestine. This seminar will highlight the positive research that’s being done on probiotics and intestinal diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and colon cancer. We’ll also cover the common probiotic-containing foods and brands on the market plus review the most respected supplements.

Is Gluten-Free for Me?

The gluten-free diet is quite popular and interest in it goes beyond the people who need it to treat their celiac disease. This seminar will review the key concepts of the diet, foods allowed (or not), as well as the best gluten-free resources and celiac diagnosis protocols.

Maximize metabolism

It’s true, your metabolism typically slows every year after 30, but does it have to? If you want to keep your metabolism revved and be the best fat burner your genetics will allow then you have to know the facts! This seminar is all about demystifying the Energy Balance Equation and getting to the bottom line on how weight is lost. If you are an exerciser then you will especially benefit by the review of exercise physiology basics to make sure your workouts burn the right mix of fuel (fat vs. carbs). Join our nutritionist and learn how to get the max from your metabolism.

Metabolic syndrome

Learn what lifestyle changes reverse this cluster of health conditions.

Mindful Eating

If you are tired of trying the diet du jour and would like to become a more intuitive eater, please join our registered dietitian for an informative talk on the topic. Intuitive Eating, also called Mindful Eating, is a process that encourages a healthy relationship with food and your body.

Nourishing Healthy Eating for Your Kids

"Food Fights" take on a whole new meaning when you're parenting little ones! Whether you are stuck in a mealtime rut, or prepping for the next stage of eating in your house, this class will surely offer a variety of ideas to get nutrition back on the plate. Note: This class focuses on parents of one to eight year olds, but all are welcome.


Can your genes dictate the best diet for your health?

Restaurant Eating

Get tips for eating out without doing your diet in!

Supermarket Tours (classroom)

Want to navigate the aisles more confidently? All you need is a little guidance! Our registered dietitian will share label reading tips, recipe ideas and focus on nutrition must-knows at the critical “point of purchase”. After this class, you will be supermarket savvy and ready to take on the grocery store!

Should This Label Make Your Table?

Have you ever wished you could follow a dietitian around the supermarket to see what she buys and why? Now is your chance! Although we won’t literally be walking through a grocery store, we will walk through the nitty gritty details of the sometimes confusing food label. Once you’ve mastered how to interpret the label so you can make the best choices for your health, you’ll be challenged with a series of foods to see what label should make your table. Which bread, yogurt, soup or lunch meat is best and why? Let our dietitian guide you and you’ll never wonder what she buys at the supermarket again, you will know!

size matters!

And other nutrition secrets about portion distortion.

Sleep yourself leaner and healthier

Sleeping yourself lean sounds too good to be true, but there is more and more evidence that shows your sleep habits can indeed affect your waist line and your health.  Join our nutritionist who will highlight current research on sleep (or lack thereof) and how it affects hunger, cravings, hormones, body weight, and your food choices.  She’ll also share what sleep researchers recommend we do to get the most rest possible in this overscheduled world!

Sugar: the good, the bad, the evil

Poor sugar, it’s so misunderstood!  If you have ever wondered what the difference is between sugar in fruit and sugar in candy, then this seminar is for you.  Sugar guidelines are hard to create, because, well, sugar is in almost everything!  This talk will highlight the controversies surrounding the different types of sugars, review common misconceptions about the sweet stuff and share with you the evidence-based knowledge of sugar’s effect on your health.


Which are the best and what's so super about eating "superfoods"?

Supplement Savvy

It’s hard to be supplement savvy with the internet at our fingertips, every search says we need a pill! This class is designed to take the confusion off the supplement shelf and replace it with the knowledge to evaluate a supplement ad or website. In addition, we’ll review the top five supplements that Americans consume as well as the ones they should be buying but aren’t!

The d.a.s.h. diet

Learn the research based Dietary Approaches to stop hypertension.

The “Type C” Lifestyle

Are there really “cancer fighting” foods? Learn what they are plus more about free radicals, anti-oxidants, phyto-chemicals, and simple everyday food choices that can protect you from cancer.

The Power of protein

Carbs are bad, fat makes us fat. Protein, you're all we have left!

There’s an App for That!

This food and nutrition seminar is for anyone who wants technology on their side when it comes to menu planning, grocery shopping or restaurant eating. Need a quick and efficient way to keep your family’s grocery list updated? There’s an app for that! Want a smart phone coach to help you work on losing those last 15 pounds? There’s an app for that! Do you want to pick the healthiest choice the next time you sit down at a chain restaurant? There’s an app for that too! Please join us for this interactive seminar, phones and questions are welcome.

Travel nutrition

Just because you take off doesn't mean your weight should!

What Color Is Your Diet?

If you want an information-packed nutrition talk that also happens to be a colorful one, then this one is for you! Join our Registered Dietitian and learn the importance of adding more color to your plate, bowl or glass. She’ll share with you the popular phytonutrients found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains and then give you tips on how to include more in your diet. Just like a rainbow that has a pot of gold at the end, a rainbow-like diet will insure that your health is fabulous for a long time.


Sure you hear that it’s healthier to be a vegetarian, but why? Join our nutritionist and learn all about the benefits (and challenges) of going meatless. She’ll be highlighting the various types of vegetarianism (lacto, ovo, vegan, etc.) and reviewing the nutrients of concern for those that aren’t quite sure how to put their meals together yet. You’ll learn what research has to say about vegetarians and their health, and leave with some resources to get you started (or stay commited).

Who wins at weight loss

Get secrets from "losers" who have lost weight and kept it off!


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