Friday, January 25, 2019 -
9:00am to 1:00pm

Event Details:

The County receives a direct benefit from our County-sponsored blood drives – for every pint of blood that is collected, the San Mateo Medical Center receives a “blood bank credit” that offsets the cost of blood purchased from the Blood Centers of the Pacific for inpatient care and surgeries. To find out more about the “blood bank credit”, please contact our SMMC Lab Director, Susan Starnes.

The requirement for blood is ongoing and at times, critical. Thank you for taking the time to donate!

Why You Should Donate Blood

  • Every three seconds, someone needs a blood transfusion!
  • 20% of recipients are children – many are cancer patients!
  • Giving blood is 100% safe!
  • One pint of blood from one donor can save up to three lives!!!
  • Your donation will go to someone in your community
  • Donating will not cost you money
  • About 60 percent of the population are eligible to donateblood, yet less than five percent do!
  • The Bay Area uses 450 units of blood daily
  • We import about 30% of our blood supply
  • Your body will replenish the fluid lost during the donation within 24 hours
  • We will provide juice, donuts and cookies!


Are you eligible to donate blood?

Are you eligible to donate blood? Find out!

Event Location:

455 County Center
1st Floor, Room 101
Redwood City, CA 94063
United States