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The County’s EAP program offers work-life assistance to help employees and their family members manage problems related to work, personal relationships, stress, finances, substance abuse, and other life concerns. The EAP also offers job performance referrals, management consultations, critical incident debriefings, and training programs to enhance workplace health and employee effectiveness. To assure confidentiality and privacy, the County contracts with CONCERN-EAP for this employee service.  It is available to County employees and family members at no cost.

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EAP Flyer

To access the CONCERN-EAP website, services, and onsite request forms, go to
(when you log onto LifeAdviser for the first time, be sure to use our company code ~ smcgov)

You can expect a quick, caring and confidential response to your needs at no cost to you or your family. To request services, you may reach CONCERN - EAP via:

If your situation is life threatening, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Assistance for Supervisors and Managers

CONCERN:EAP provides an excellent, confidential resource for employees and can be a valued and effective resource for supervisors and managers.

Here are some situations where CONCERN:EAP can provide organizational support for supervisors and managers:

  • HR & Management Consultations
  • Worry over an employee’s emotional state (grief, trauma, illness, odd behavior)
  • Critical incident de-briefing
  • Interpersonal conflicts between employees
  • Suspected substance abuse
  • Seminars and presentations on a variety of work and personal topics
  • Supervisor Referral (for Job performance problems)

The Supervisor Referral process is a structured tool a manager, supervisor, or HR staff member can use to help employees address specific on-the-job performance problems that are causing concern.  A Supervisor Referral triggers a more generous EAP benefit for the employee, increasing the maximum number of individual counseling visits from 5 to 10.  Employee participation is voluntary.

Supervisors and managers are encouraged to talk with the Employee Relations Unit in the Human Resources Department and CONCERN:EAP early in the process when the first indications of job performance problems arise.

The CONCERN:EAP phone number is 1-800-344-4222