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The Human Resources Department is pleased to present you with the FY 2012-13 Countywide Workforce & Succession Planning Report. This annual report provides critical workforce data and analytics, including demographics, trends, service delivery statistics, and recognition of departmental staff.

The data provided in the report serves as a tool to assist leaders in identifying and implementing strategies to meet their current and future workforce needs. It is our goal to provide useful workforce statistics that allow for effective decision-making. We are committed to enhancing opportunities to collaborate with customers to increase organizational effectiveness, design and implement succession programs to increase organizational capacity, and respond to changing workforce needs.

In March of this year, the Board of Supervisors’ approved the Agile Organization recommendations that provide the organization with various work delivery models.  These models were developed to address the changing workforce and maximize available resources to help us adapt quickly to meet the evolving needs of our community and remain financially stable and secure.  We look forward to working with you in the upcoming year to implement the Agile Organization Pilot Programs as well as partnering with you for all of your workforce needs!

Donna Vaillancourt,
Human Resources Director,
San Mateo County

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