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Program Purpose

To recognize outstanding County programs that demonstrate success in fostering diversity and inclusion, enhancing services or support for underrepresented or at-risk groups or communities, increasing cultural competency, and/or creating a welcoming, inclusive workplace or program.   

Selection Criteria

Selected programs must do the following:

  • Highlight the County’s dedication to providing excellent services and support to diverse underrepresented or at-risk groups and communities;
  • Promote the County’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by improving cultural competency and providing a welcoming workplace for all employees;
  • Develop and implement innovative solutions for addressing challenges related to diversity among employees or populations served; and/or
  • Demonstrate successful strategies that bridge communication, language, or cultural gaps in the workplace or programs.

Submission Requirements

The following information is required for each entry:

  • Description of program, services provided, population served, and breadth of impact
  • Statement of diversity/ inclusion-related challenge and solution
  • Methods used to measure and monitor program success
  • Impact of program on improving access for underrepresented groups, promoting diversity/ inclusion, and/or on fostering a welcoming and inclusive workplace for County employees
  • Impact of program on Departmental and/or Countywide goals (alignment with Shared Vision 2025)
  • Submission deadline is Monday, September 30, 2019


  • Selected program will be awarded up to $5,000*
  • Countywide recognition for selected program
  • Recognition by Board of Supervisors
  • Recognition in County budget book
  • Individual letter of recognition

* Award may be used for any authorized purpose within County guidelines that furthers the diversity/ inclusion mission and goals of the selected program, including but not limited to, an educational or outreach event, staff training, adding supplies or equipment, community outreach or communication, recruitment, and/or any other authorized purpose.