County Wellness Committee

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The purpose of the County Wellness Committee is to create a “Culture of Health” at San Mateo County by...

  • Promoting and encouraging County employees to be their healthy best.
  • Overseeing and monitoring Countywide efforts to provide a healthy work environment and healthy work practices as outlined in the County Wellness Policy.
  • Encouraging and supporting Departmental efforts to create and sustain a healthy work environment for employees.

The Employee Wellness Program Manager staffs the Committee, and staff and contractors from the Employee Wellness Program assist the Committee in development and implementation efforts.


The County Wellness Committee is composed of “Wellness Champions”

Wellness Champions are great communicators, initiators, motivators, promoters, and examples of optimal well-being! They are representatives from departments, health plans, County program staff (“stakeholders”), management and employee organizations. Wellness Champions are at the heart of our organization's health and well-being. 

Large departments or divisions may have up to two department Wellness Champions, otherwise every department or Health division has one representative. Additionally, regional representatives who work at smaller, distant locations may be invited to participate.

Sponsored Committee Projects and Initiatives include (but are not limited to):

  • Monitoring County efforts to create healthier work environments (food service, facility changes, etc) and healthier work practices;
  • Reviewing County health data and making recommendations about wellness programs and services;
  • Sponsoring annual healthy lifestyle campaign(s) to encourage positive individual and organizational health changes;
  • Promoting formation of department wellness committees;
  • Awarding mini-grants to departments for wellness activities or services, fitness equipment or other items contributing to employee health, well-being, and/or work-life balance.

Time Commitment

The County Wellness Committee currently meets monthly for two hours. Meetings are scheduled on the second Thursday of the month from 11:30am - 1:30pm. Meetings occur in Redwood City on odd months and at other work locations on even months. The meeting schedule is posted on the Wellness Committee Meeting website

The expected time commitment for a Wellness Champion to attend Committee meetings and develop activities is 3-5 hours / month. Commitment for additional time that needs to be spent at the departmental level related to wellness outreach and education of department staff should be arranged between Department Wellness Champion and the Department Director / Manager. Additional time might be expected; for example if a department has its own department wellness committee.

There is an orientation program for Department Wellness Champions and other Countywide Wellness Committee members so that they may become familiar with the County Wellness Policy, County Wellness Committee and their role as a Department Wellness Champion.

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