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The Innovation Summit is a day-long Countywide event where employees come together to develop ideas that will improve the organization. At the event participants will collaborate with their team members and consult with subject matter experts to refine their ideas and create a 3-minute presentation for judging. At the end of the event, teams will pitch their ideas to the judging panel. For more information about the event please visit the FAQ at

When: April 26, 2018

Where: Hiller Aviation Museum, San Carlos

How: Register in LMS. You must have supervisor approval to participate. Registration is open March 1-April 16. Participation is limited to the first 20 teams to register and submit their team roster/idea questionnaire.

Event information:

This is a team event.

  • You must be on a cross-departmental team of 3-5 employees, with at least 1 employee from a different department/division.
    No Team? No problem! Notify that you would like assistance forming a team.
  • Each team member must register to participate in LMS. Supervisor approval is required.
  • Once your supervisor approves your registration in LMS you will receive a personalized invitation to a survey where you will provide your team’s name, the names of your teammates, and a brief summary of the idea(s) you plan to present to the judges.
  • Each team may submit 1 idea.
  • The Employee Innovation Summit Committee will review your team’s idea(s) to confirm that they meet the eligibility criteria.

Ideas submitted to the Innovation Summit may not:

  • Involve salary and benefit changes, including classification, position, salary, employee benefits, retirement, or any other compensation to employees 
  • Require collective bargaining or meet and confer 
  • Concern personal matters or complaints 
  • Involve the enforcement of existing rules, policies and procedures  
  • Require legislative or court actions
  • No Idea? No problem! Check out the Innovation Summit Yammer group for ideas and/or arrive by 8:30AM the morning of the event and we'll work with your team to develop an idea.

Innovation Summit 2018 from County of San Mateo HR on Vimeo.

Judges & Scoring Criteria

  • John Keene, Chief Probation Officer
  • Roberto Manchia, Budget Director
  • Iliana Rodriguez, Deputy County Manager

The judges will be scoring each team on the following criteria:

  • Innovative: The idea must be forward-thinking and responsive to the evolving needs of the County and its residents.
  • Impactful: The idea must have a positive impact on a large or special population and minimal negative externalities.
  • Feasible: The idea must be achievable within reasonable means.
  • Connection: The idea must be related to at least one of the County's Vision 2025 goals of a Healthy, Prosperous, Liveable, Environmentally Conscious, and Collaborative Community.
  • Communication: The idea must be communicated in a way that makes its contributions to the above criteria clear and engages the audience.

When developing your idea(s), please consider the Shared Vision 2025 and how your idea(s) might address at least one of these areas for our employees and/or our residents:

  • Healthy Community
    Our neighborhoods are safe and provide residents with access to quality health care and seamless services.
  • Prosperous Community
    Our economic strategy fosters innovation in all sectors, creates jobs, builds community and educational opportunities for all residents.
  • Liveable Community
    Our growth occurs near transit, promotes affordable, livable connected communities.
  • Environmentally Conscious Community
    Our natural resources are preserved through environmental stewardship, reducing our carbon emissions, and using energy, water and land more efficiently.
  • Collaborative Community
    Our leaders forge partnerships, promote regional solutions, with informed and engaged residents, and approach issues with fiscal accountability and concern for future impacts.

Tentative Event Schedule ~ Subject to Change

8:15 AM: Doors Open
8:15-9:00 AM: Check-in & Continental Breakfast & Team/Idea Formation
9:00 AM:  Welcome
9:15 AM: Featured Speaker
9:30 AM: Keynote address
9:45 AM: Start Working
12:00 PM: Lunch is provided
1:45PM: Presentation Paperwork is due
2:30 PM: Team presentations begin 
(if you are inviting guests to observe the presentations, please ask them to arrive @ 2:15PM)
4:30 PM: Break/Judges deliberate/Vote for People's Choice*
4:45 PM: Winners announced*
5:00 PM:* Event Concludes*

*Subject to change depending on the number of teams presenting

Keynote Speaker: Mike Callagy

Mike joined the County of San Mateo in 2013 as a Deputy County Manager and was named Assistant County Manager effective April 2016.  Mike retired as the deputy chief of police following 29 years with the San Mateo Police Department, where he ran day-to-day operations. Mike is a licensed attorney in the state of California and in addition to his law degree from Santa Clara University, holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master’s in public administration from the College of Notre Dame and a Master’s in homeland defense and security from the Naval Postgraduate School.

Assistant County Manager Mike Callagy’s responsibilities include coordinating anti-Human Trafficking efforts throughout the County, Parks, Public Safety Communications, Criminal Justice programs, Agriculture/Weights and Measures, North Fair Oaks Forward. LAFCo, Public Works, Planning and Building, Emergency Response, Animal Control, and the Library JPA.

He lives in Foster City with his wife and four children.


  • 1st Prize: $2000
  • 2nd Prize: $1500
  • 3rd Prize: $1,000
  • People’s Choice Award: $500

Prizes will be split evenly among team members and distributed in winners paycheck.

Innovation Summit FAQ

What is the Innovation Summit?

The Innovation Summit is a day-long Countywide event where employees come together to develop ideas that will improve the organization. At the event, participants will have the chance to collaborate with their team members and consult with subject matter experts to build out their ideas. At the end of the event, teams will share their ideas with the judging panel. 

Can I attend the Innovation Summit on County time?

Yes, as long as you have supervisor approval. The Innovation Summit will count for 7 hours of LMS training.