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Did you know…

  • College admissions are more selective than ever? Applications per college are up 60% since 2002.1 Do you know how to make your child stand out from the rest?
  • The cost of a college education is at an all-time high? Education loan debt is now over $1 Trillion in the U.S.2 How will you afford college for your children?
  • San Mateo County provides College Coach – the nation’s leading experts in college admissions and college finance – to help you, for free?

College Coach delivers unbiased, impartial expertise from former college admissions officers and college financial aid officers from the nation’s leading colleges.   We know college from the inside.  Our goals are to reduce your stress, improve your well-being, provide correct guidance, and help you and your children get a better outcome from the college process.  Let College Coach be your advantage.

The College Coach benefit consists of live events, online support, and personalized, one-on-one assistance.   Best of all, it is available at no cost to San Mateo County employees and family members.

On site  /  Webinar Presentations

College Coach provides 60-minute presentations that highlight important college admissions and college finance topics for parents.   Presentations are held on-site in San Mateo and Redwood City with a simultaneous webinar for all employees.   Register now on the College Coach portal!

Learning Center

College Coach provides this online learning environment where employees can access interactive videos on the topics listed in the left margin, as well as a broad range of resources, FAQs, and other information.   Access to the Learning Center
is free and available 24/7 through the College Coach portal.

Personalized Assistance

College Coach experts are available to provide interested employees with personalized assistance that is customized to the needs and grade of your child. Personalized assistance can include but is not limited to phone counseling, college essay critique, customized college list development, and use of “Quick Questions.” Please visit the Portal for more information about personalized assistance.

For more information and to the register for the College Coach Program:

Visit the Portal:
Passcode: smcgov (first time only)

CHECK THE PORTAL for special events throughout the year.

Periodic webinars provide greater understanding for both parents and teens /  pre-teens on important issues and questions regarding academic readiness, preparation and testing.