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Childcare and/or school closures during the shelter in place order is a qualified event that allows you to decrease your 2020 Dependent Care FSA election amount. Unfortunately, waiving coverage completely would not be approved.

You will need to process an event on Workday following the instructions below. Please note, this event has a Review Documents task where you will need to include a statement indicating: COVID-19 closure.

  1. Log into Workday.​
  2. Click on the Benefits Worklet (icon).​
  3. Click on Benefits under the Change column.​
  4. Choose Increase/Decrease Dependent Care FSA under the Benefit Event Type drop down menu.​
  5. Enter the Event Date,  click Submit, then Open.​
  6. Follow the prompts and complete any necessary changes, click Continue, confirm your changes, check the I Agree, click Submit, click Done.​
  7. Go back to your Workday INBOX, and select the 'Review Documents' pending task. During this step you will need to attach a personal statement indicating “COVID 19 closure'.
  8. Click submit, then Done.​