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Dear Colleagues,

The HR Department is committed to serving those who serve our community and will continue to be available for your essential human resources needs during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

HR’s Office will be closed to the public and employees March 17-May 3. Vital services will continue to offered 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Monday-Thursday) by phone/email/online.

During the next few weeks, we anticipate that our services will be modified as follows:   

  • Talent Acquisition:  All previously scheduled interviews will be conducted via Teams/Skype; moving forward only critical/emergency recruitments will be conducted.

  • Personnel/Payroll/Human Resources Information Management/Classification & Compensation:  HR staff will continue to support departments with all Workday, personnel-payroll, and classification and compensation related matters.

  • Benefits Administration:  Processing of County benefits will continue. There may be a delay in response to employee inquiries relating to non-COVID-19 related matters.  All meetings with employees and retirees will be done remotely. Please refer employees to the Benefits website for more information about resources available to our employees from our benefits providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Risk Management-Leave Programs/Workers’ Compensation/ADA:  Processing of all leaves will continue. Priority will be given to employees impacted by COVID-19. Information about leave during COVID-19 Pandemic will be updated on SharePoint.

  • Employee and Labor Relations: All COVID-19 related matters (e.g., employee and union concerns) will be priority. Staff will minimize in person meetings and cancel non-essential meetings. Please continue to use our mobile app and website for reference.

  • Equal Employment Opportunity:  High priority EEO cases will continue to be investigated to the extent possible and all responses to DFEH and EEOC will be filed or requests for extension submitted as needed. 

  • Training: All classes canceled. Distant learning, via LMS, will continue to be available.

  • Wellness:  All classes canceled. Please visit PreventionCloud and the Wellness website on SharePoint for online resources, including emphasis on emotional well-being during these difficult times.

  • Organizational Development:  All classes and meetings canceled. Planning for the Jobs for Youth Breakfast will be postponed. Internship/fellowship events postponed during this time. 

  • Procurement: Emergency/critical/high priority purchases orders will be processed during this time.

  • Mail Services:  Remain operational with limited delivery routes. Staff will be onsite.

  • Administration/IT/Finance: Essential services will be provided. Non-time sensitive items will be deferred as needed. At this time, staff members will be onsite.

  • Civil Service Commission: No meetings will be held. However, any notifications relating to employee appeal rights will be adhered to.

  • Commission Support: No meetings or events will be offered (Commission on the Status of Women, LGBTQ Commission and Domestic Violence Council.)

We appreciate your flexibility during this time. As the situation continues to develop we will be updating our department website at and the Covid-19 FAQ page on our County Intranet.

Thank you & stay safe!

Rocio Kiryczun
Director, Department of Human Resources