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Do You Want More Savings from Your Dental Insurance?

Go to an In-Network Dentist!


As a reminder, the DeltaCare Plan is a HMO dental plan and enrollees are required to select a Primary Care Dentist (PCD) for all dental services. Your DeltaCare PCD must issue a referral to all specialists that you need to see within the DeltaCare HMO network. Having services outside of your contracted DeltaCare PCD or DeltaCare contracted specialists will not be covered under the DeltaCare HMO Plan.

To look for a DeltaCare participating HMO provider in your area:

The Cigna Dental PPO plan provides coverage for both in and out-of-network services. However, seeking services out-of-network will substantially increase your out-of-pockets expenses under this plan. Cigna pays all out-of-network services using a Maximum Allowable Charge (MAC).  Employees are then billed the difference between what was billed by the provider and what was paid using the MAC charge.

**As an example, if the out-of-network provider bills $250.00 for a cleaning and the Cigna MAC for this service is set at $100.00. The plan will pay your coverage percentage (60%, 85% or 100%) of the $100.00 MAC. The employee is then responsible for the difference between the $250 billed charge and what Cigna paid.

As you can see by the example noted above, seeing an in-network provider prevents this from occurring and significantly  reduces your out-of-pocket expenses.         

Finding a Total Cigna Dental PPO (DPPO) network dentist or specialist is quick and easy – whether you opt to search online or speak to a customer service representative. Here’s how:

  • By registering for
  • Go to
    • To search for a dentist on, visit the site and follow the prompts to “Find a Doctor, Dentist or Facility.”
    • Under “Not a Cigna Customer Yet?” choose “Plans Through Your Employer or School.”
    • On the next page, under “Select a Plan,” choose “Dental Plan” and then DPPO/EPO >Total Cigna DPPO.
  • Call Cigna Member Services at 800.Cigna24 (800.244.6224)
NOTE: Cigna PPO does not mail out member ID cards. If you would like to print one, you may do so through your online Cigna account or provide your dentist with your Social Security Number for billing.

For a detailed dental plan summary, please visit our website