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Negotiations with SEIU have concluded, with the agreement being adopted by the Board on December 18, 2018!  Both the County and SEIU’s bargaining teams worked diligently to craft an agreement that was fair and balanced, maintaining the County’s fiscal stability while providing additional pay and benefits to County workers.  Ultimately the parties agreed to the following significant changes in the three-year agreement:

  • 3% Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) on 12/30/18 and 10/6/19
  • Between 2% and 3% COLA on 10/4/20, depending on the Bay Area CPI at the time
  • 1% Equity adjustment for all represented employees on 12/30/18, 10/6/19 and 10/4/20
  • “Winter Recess” 16 hours of paid time off to use during the winter holidays
  • Increased Vacation Accruals capping at 9 hours per pay period after 25 years (up from 7.4)
  • Increased Longevity Pay including adding a new tier of 1% after the completion of 10,400 hours (5 years)  Existing tiers increased to 2.5% at 10, 4% at 20 and 6% at 25 years
  • Single Tier Bilingual at $70 biweekly
  • Increased Bereavement leave hours and expanded qualified relations.
  • Simplified Shift Differential language

We have also reached Tentative Agreement with the Non-sworn Law Enforcement Unit of DSA which has been ratified by the membership and will go before the Board for Adoption on January 8, 2019. We remain in negotiations with AFSCME and will soon begin bargaining BCTC, SMCCE, and the Extra Help agreement with AFSCME and SEIU, followed closely by UAPD and PDA.