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Azadeh Imandel is the County’s new Safety and Ergonomic Officer.  She has 13 years’ experience in human resources, risk management, ergonomics and environmental health and safety.  She is a certified leave management specialist and ergonomist. In addition to the ergonomic program, she will be involved with emergency response coordinators, ADA Title II, Commission on Disabilities, and COOP county wide issues.

Reina Cruz was hired as an Office Assistant to provide administrative support for the Employee Wellness Program.  She is credentialed by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters in Spanish, and has prior experience in translation and interpretation servicing school districts.

Maureen Boesch was hired as an Office Assistant to work on the online Civil Service personnel records project.  Before she came to the County, Maureen worked as a Business Analyst with the California State Automobile Association and more recently, she volunteered helping the victims of the Northern California wildfires.