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The 3rd Employee Innovation Summit was held on April 26th at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos. After Assistant County Manager Mike Callagy kicked off the event with an inspirational keynote the 72 participants on 20 cross-departmental teams got down to work. Each team created a poster and developed a 3-minute presentation to pitch their innovative idea to the panel of judges (Chief Keene, Iliana Rodriguez, and Robert Manchia). While the judges deliberated the audience voted for the People’s Choice Award. Chief Keene presented the winners with their prize checks at the end of the event. The award recipients include:




Housing Hunters

Pooja Keswani, Maya Feng, Kristen Hay, Stanley Bernhard, Simone Woods

Housing Portal exclusively to connect SMC employees/retirees who are homeowners and renters.

CERP: County Employee Recognition Portal

Stefan Luesse, Allan Hong, Tammy Chan, Aileen Agravante, Nancy Etman

One-stop shop for employees to access discounted events, activities and County parks to connect with the community they serve.

Count-E Bikes

Rachael Londer, Andrea Pappajohn, Matthew Petrofsky, Linda Wolin, Gwen Buckley

A fleet of solar powered bicycles for County employees to use to travel for short trip appointments related to County business.

Heart Warmers

Leilani Dunton, Hend Azzerayer, Emily Weaver

An outdoor gym at parks free to all County Employees and residents to target the goal of a healthy community.