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The Performance Pilot has now officially launched to over 400 county employees across 7 seven departments! Some key highlights include:

  • A baseline survey was emailed to participants and reached an 87% response rate. Respondents gave strong marks on goals, 1:1 conversations, and serving the community. There is a growth opportunity around receiving recognition (average 7/10), which is a pulse survey component people are already using.
  • First online training video was sent 9/19 on Coaching and Feedback.
  • First Pulse Survey was sent 9/27 asking “How well do you think we serve the San Mateo County community?” Participants are engaging with the platform as intended, with dozens of suggestions, over 200 “Cheers for Peers” (a recognition mechanic), and a lot of honest and actionable feedback.
  • Outreach materials to ensure employee engagement and understanding were created including an overview poster, specific topic flyers, and a soon-to-be launched video.
  • Resources and reference sheets were added to Pilot website including FAQs and training guides on how to have effective 1:1 feedback conversations. The Pilot website is seeing significant use from participants, with 348 individuals visiting the FAQ page and spending an average of almost 5 minutes looking at resources.