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Employee Engagement Survey

The 2017 Employee Engagement Survey will run October 16, 2017 - November 6, 2017. Employees will receive emails with additional information and an invitation to the survey from the survey vendor, Blessingwhite.


The Employee Engagement Survey responses are used to drive Employee Engagement efforts  throughout the County. The Employee Engagement survey has contributed to the creation of:

  • The Employee Engagement Committee & Guide
  • The Essential Supervisory Skills Academy
  • Supervisor’s Resource Website
  • Career Development Day
  • Departmental Engagement and Recognition Programs
  • Telework Guide
  • Onboarding Guides and Checklists
  • New Engagement Training Courses

Confidentiality is Important! Supervisor reports will be anonymous. Employees will enter the survey using a 9-digit Employee ID so Blessingwhite can allocate responses to the correct workgroup; Managers/Supervisors will not be able to tell which individual submitted what response(s). Information will be presented as percentages of respondents.

Employees can enter the survey at October 16-November 6.