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The Human Resources Department will be implementing an employee performance and development pilot with several departments, including participants from the Executive Leadership Academy (ELA). The pilot involves eliminating formal annual performance reviews and replacing them with future focused frequent check-ins and pulse surveys to create a data rich, high performance culture focused on growth and development. (Many of the current processes/practices including setting expectations, performance improvement process, annual 20-hour training requirement, goal-setting, supervisory training, and feedback and coaching will continue.)  The pilot program is anticipated to foster positive employee development and improved performance, consisting of frequent coaching conversations, a future orientation, and be employee driven. In addition, the pilot is anticipated to reduce complexity, administrative systems, and bureaucratic processes. The pulse surveys will provide information on program effectiveness and adjustments, if needed, will be made during the pilot. ELA participant Carine Risley conducted the research, developed and presented the proposal to Executive Council, which received an enthusiastic reception. The next steps will be to share with the labor organizations and then launch the pilot this summer.