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In December 2016 and March 2017 the Human Resources Department partnered with the County Manager’s Office to host a Career Development Assessment Center (CDAC) for aspiring supervisors. Over 80 employees applied for the CDAC; 34 were selected and participated in the program. While being evaluated by a panel of assessors the participants completed an individual assessment of their current skills and performed challenging job-related simulations, exercises, group discussions, and oral presentations. Following the event the participants were partnered with a mentor to create a Development Plan (DP) and received targeted training, tools, and resources to successfully explore, develop and manage their career. 

Congratulations to the 34 participants of the Career Development Assessment Center for Aspiring Supervisors!

December 2016 Participants

March 2017 Participants

  • Matthew Ruble
  • Diana Chung
  • Christina Chan
  • Christina Cerny
  • Christina Richardson
  • Jennifer Tagg
  • Lucy Fung
  • Daniel Scholl
  • Rumika Chaudhry
  • Melinda Dubroff
  • Karina Bravo-Salgado
  • Krysta Caronongan
  • Lisa Lucett
  • Martha Vasquez
  • Sheryl Uyan
  • Elizabeth Rouan
  • Monica Leos
  • Robert Raw
  • Lillian Lilles
  • Lupe Marin
  • Klealy Pineda-Mena
  • Mayra Diaz
  • Julia Au
  • Michael Silk
  • Nicole Liautaud
  • Angela Polo
  • Sunny Tong
  • Gerald Schwartz
  • Gina Luiz
  • Jose Ponce
  • Lupe Oropeza
  • Marisol Martinson
  • Veronica Ruiz
  • Tiffaney Tate-Borg