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We had another successful year for Open Enrollment. There were over 3,000 employees that accessed their Workday accounts to update their benefit elections for 2017. For those employees that did not access their accounts, their benefits were automatically rolled over. A total of 39% of our Active employees are enrolled in one of the three Blue Shield Medical plans and 61% are enrolled in one of the three Kaiser Medical plans. Overall, there has been a 2% increase in our Kaiser plan participation since 2016. Due to our dental RFP process this year, 4161 employees moved into our new Cigna PPO plan with over 1,000 employees enrolled in the dental buy up plans we implemented in 2016. This is almost double from those that elected the dental buy up in 2016. For 2017, we had the opportunity to implement a new vision buy up plan and had 1,156 employees enroll.

We are excited our employees are taking advantage of the benefits the County has to offer and we’ll continue to evaluate ways to better serve employees/families benefit needs in the upcoming year.