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This year’s Innovation Summit was held on December 1st at the Hiller Aviation Museum. The day began with a welcome from Assistant County Manager Mike Callagy and a keynote from Jim Eggemeyer, who spoke about innovation in San Mateo County and the implementation of last year’s 1st prize idea to provide commuter buses. The 80 participants then formed teams and began to develop their ideas. In the early afternoon, each team had three minutes to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges (Supervisor Slocum, Mike Callagy, Peggy Jensen and Jon Walton). After the presentations, the judges selected award recipients and Deputy County Manager Reyna Farrales presented the teams with their awards as follows:

1st Prize: SMC Serves – Convert Volunteer Hours into Training Credit

Team Members: Avana Andrade and Dave Jaeckel (Office of Sustainability), Samantha Broom (Health), Uyen Ngo (Health), and Alessandra Thompson (Housing)

2nd Prize: Offer Housing Options for County Employees

Team Members: Kevin Lu (Office of Sustainability), Manjit Singh (Parks), Scott Gerdes (Human Resources), and Tephiny Jones (Human Services Agency)

3rd Prize: Install Parking Garage Counter/Display

Team Members: Darryl Fredrick (ISD), Elizabeth Kimmel (Planning), Ericka Gosha, Bonnie Tendencia, Yvonne Alvidrez, and Lucy Fung (Human Resources)

The event also included a People’s Choice award: Establish a child care center at the San Mateo campus. The Innovation Summit award recipients will be recognized by the Board in January, along with the STARS Awards program recipients.