Risk Management Information System

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In February 2016, the County entered into an agreement with Origami Risk to develop a Risk Management Information System (RMIS) that will enable us to assist in the administration of our Workers' Compensation, Auto, General Liability, Property, Medical Malpractice, ADA, Intermittent Leave and Occupational Health. The RMIS will enable us to import data and information from our Third Party Administrators and combine all losses in a comprehensive platform where we can track and monitor them from a high-level financial perspective using built-in claims analysis and reporting tools. The RMIS will allow us to document activity, set alerts and triggers on priority claims, record payments, set diaries, run reports, track safety initiatives, and monitor overall Risk Management program performance in real-time. The County is scheduled to hold a kickoff meeting with Origami Risk on March 8, 2016 followed by a 14-16 week timeframe for implementation of the RMIS.

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