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What's new in 2016:

  • Like last year, a third party, BlessingWhite, will administer the survey, maintaining anonymity
  • The survey will ask the same questions as last year, and a few new ones
  • Survey Results will be provided to all Managers/ Supervisors through a customized website in December
  • Each Managers/ Supervisors customized website will have tools and resources to help understand their report(s), and act on it
  • Managers/ Supervisors who have six or more staff complete the survey will receive an aggregate Report on their Teams Engagement
  • For the first time, Department Heads, Deputy Directors and Managers will have a report of the Engagement Results for the teams that roll up to them in the organizational structure

2016 Timeline:

  • October 3:  unique link to Engagement Survey sent by BlessingWhite via email
  • October 3-21: Staff complete the survey, reminder emails distributed
  • October 21: Survey closes
  • November 21: Countywide summary provided to Executive Council/ Department Heads
  • December 5: unique link to Engagement Survey Results/ Reports  portal sent to Managers/Supervisors by BlessingWhite