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This voluntary program is strictly confidential and was developed and endorsed by the labor-management Benefits Committee in 2016. The committee recognizes that a healthier workforce is a key part of keeping our health care costs as low as possible.

For two more years, the annual dividend is dependent on the County’s overall health care experience. When the County’s premium increases are much lower than average, it results in a bigger Wellness Dividend to you.

So for 2017, when you complete your Wellness Screening and online health assessment by the end of June, you will receive a $500 Wellness Dividend in one lump-sum payment on your November 10th paycheck. Future years may be the same or may be less.

Benefits-eligible County and Court employees who belong to one of the County Kaiser or Blue Shield health plans as of June 1, 2017 (either as a primary subscriber or as a dependent of an employee) are eligible for a Wellness Dividend. See if you are eligible.