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Boost Your Energy

with a Movement class

All classes are free and on County time with supervisor approval.

Classes are available for health-plan eligible County and Court employees. Family members, contractors, part-time employees, and interns may also attend once the minimum requirement for health plan-eligible registrants has been met. Each class is 1 hour in length unless otherwise indicated. 

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Move For Your Health

This class is designed to help you move into a healthier lifestyle by incorporating physical activity at work and/or at home as well as simple ideas of how to improve your daily diet. Additionally, this class will have you moving, so come prepared for a short workout and get ready to have some fun!

Stretching Basics

Flexibility provides positive benefits for muscles and joints. When you have the ability to move, daily tasks are easier to accomplish. Flexilbe joints and muscles may prevent injuires, minimize muscle soreness and improve physical activity. This course will explore the benefits of being limber. We will cover how and when to stretch. Participants will learn and practice stretches that are appropriate for the office and home.
Please bring a towel or mat to class. Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move easily. If you wish, bring socks to wear during stretching activity.

Bfit Team Training

This class is your cure to your regular fitness routine. Using functional training and principles of sports or athletic conditioning, this workout will test your limits to achieve unparalleled results. You will build a sense of camaraderie and community as participants work as a team, provide encouragement, and give it their all from beginning to end.

Bombay Jam

The ultimate dance fitness total body workout that is effective, safe, easy to follow and packed with authentic Bollywood flavor!

Boot Camp

Boot Camp combines cardio and strength work in one fun, fast-paced class. Emphasis is on developing sports-specific skills and improving core conditioning.

Core Conditioning

Learn proper stabilization techniques and progressive resistance that influences torso and overall body alignment. Challenge your body as well as your mind with creative ways to train the core muscle groups.

High Intensity Training (HIIT)

A combo class of high intensity interval cardio and weight training. This 45-minute session consists of cardio, toning, strengthening, and fat burning; it will surely get you in great shape.


An extreme, high intensity, body-weight exercise program. Based on the principles of interval training, Insanity pushes you past your comfort zone and into training heights that result in a higher caloric burn during and after your workout!

Kickbox Jam 

This high energy workout includes a combination of contact kickboxing moves with the use of gloves, mitts, and pads; along with, conditioning exercises. It is designed to improve reflexes, strength, and cardio.

Max Circuit Training

Want a class that combines using TRX Ropes, Bosu Balls, Spin Bikes, AND weights? Build muscle, get toned, and increase you cardiovascular endurance in this 45-minute total body strength-based workout!

Pilates Mat

Pilates mat training is a series of exercises emphasizing core conditioning, body awareness, and improved posture.

Quick Fit

Get a bit of everything in this fast paced class! You will be moving from cardio exercises, to strength workouts, to core movements to round out a full body workout in just 30 minutes.


This class is a cycling journey that builds cardiovascular and muscular endurance as well as strength. Focused on cadence, heart-rate zones, sport specific drills, climbs & sprints, the class is technique and/or real terrain based making for an unpredictable ride that is fun and challenging. Designed for all levels.  * Please come prepared with a water bottle!

Total Body Conditioning

Variety is the spice of life and this class is all about variety! Weights, exercise tubes, balls, and jump ropes are used to strengthen and tone your body. Athletic drills are added for speed, power, and agility.


An athletic hip-hop dance fitness workout that combines dance and high energy music for a workout that is bound to get your heart rate up and your body moving. Work up a sweat and have fun at the same time!


A fusion of Latin and International music dance themes that create a dynamic fitness system! The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.

Additional Classes Through Concern: EAP:

Exercise: Getting Started/Staying Motivated

Learn how to set realistic goals and recognize when you may be reasining yourself out of starting an exercise program. In this class, you will discover how to easily create an effective exercise program and gain and maintain the motivation to exercise.

Rev Up Your Metabolism!

Explore factors that influence metabolism and affect long-term weight management. You will learn how to assess your individual energy balance, eating habits and other lifestyle factors and build a practical strategy for maintaining a healthy body.

In and Out of the Gym in One Hour

Do you find it difficult to fit exercise into your schedule?  When you do exercise, do you want to make sure the time you are spending exercising is useful and worthwhile? In this class, you will come to understand the role that your expectations play in your exercise habits. Examples of five different exercise programs will be provided and you'll learn what separates one exercise program from another.

Additional Classes Through Kaiser:


This class introduces the practice of yoga through hands-on experience. You'll feel rejuvenated after the class! Please wear comfortable clothes and bring your own mat. If you do not have one, a limited supply of mats will be available to borrow.