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For Kaiser Health Plan Members Only (Benefits-Eligible County and Court Employees and Dependents Who Are Benefits-Eligible County/Court Employees)

Want an extra $500 for holiday shopping? Complete your Wellness Screening and Total Health Assessment (THA) by June 30, 2017. 

From February through June 2017, the Employee Wellness program is offering free, onsite Wellness Screenings for all benefits-eligible County/Court employees and dependents who are benefits-eligible County/Court employees. If you choose not to attend an onsite screening, you can see your physician or go to BaySport's clinic instead. Once you complete your screening, you will be halfway to receiving your Wellness Dividend!

Your participation in the Wellness Screening and THA are conducted on County time with supervisor approval.

The goal of the Wellness Dividends program is to increase awareness about your health and well-being by knowing your numbers and to help you reduce identified health risks through lifestyle changes.

Step 1: Complete Your Wellness Screening by June 30, 2017

Choose between three options...

Option 1: Schedule your onsite County Wellness Screening on County time with supervisor approval by going to, OR...

Option 2: See your physician or health care provider to complete your Wellness Screening on sick leave or your personal time only. If you choose this option, please do not schedule a County Wellness Screening. Information about the process and required forms to come. 

Option 3: Schedule an appointment directly with BaySport, our Wellness Screening vendor, to complete your screening at their Redwood Shores office. Their staff can be contacted at or 650-779-4315.

Need Assistance with your onsite County Wellness Screening? Go to Wellness Screening: How Do I Schedule, Change or Cancel My Appointment?

Step 2: Complete the Total Health Assessment (THA) by June 30, 2017

The Total Health Assessment (THA) can help you understand how your behavior affects your health by asking you a series of questions about yourself and the way you live. Once you complete it, you will receive a personalized health improvement plan.

It takes less than 20 minutes to complete and can be resumed at any time if you do not complete it in one sitting. Finishing it by June 30, 2017 is the last step necessary to receive your Wellness Dividend.

Note: If you are experiencing ANY problems with accessing completing the THA, call their staff at 866-433-9284.

Receive a $500 Wellness Dividend in time for your holiday shopping!

In early August, the County will be posting two notations on your Workday account to indicate you have completed Step 1 and/or Step 2.

  1. Participation in the Wellness Screening through the County or your doctor or BaySport clinic and...
  2. Completion of the THA.

Log into your Workday account in early August 2017 to verify that the status of completing these activities is accurate. If your Workday account confirms your completion of both steps, congratulations! You are on your way to getting your Wellness Dividend on your November 10th paycheck.

If your completion status for your Wellness Screening and/or THA is not showing at that time, please contact the appropriate vendor(s) for assistance:

  • County Wellness Screening appointment: Contact BaySport, wellness screening vendor, at or 650-779-4315.
  • Kaiser: For technical questions related to, please contact the web manager via the "Contact web manager" link at the bottom of each page. For questions or issues related to the Total Health Assessment, contact our partner, Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness, at 866-433-9284.
  • Incomplete Wellness Dividends status in Workday after early August 2017: Contact the Employee Wellness Team at 650-599-1200 or

For a summary of contacts, we recommend printing this Helpful Contact Information Handout.

30-Day Appeals Process

If you are a benefits-eligible County or Court employee, you will receive written notification in mid-August if you have completed both activities to earn a Wellness Dividend. If you feel the written notification and status in Workday doesn't accurately reflect that you completed both steps to earn the Wellness Dividend, you will have 30 days to correct the information. You will be asked to submit written verification that you completed both required action steps on or before the June 30, 2017 deadline. More information about this process to come.

FAQs for Kaiser Members


What happens to my Wellness Screening health information?
What happens to my Total Health Assessment (THA) health information?
Will Kaiser or my employer know that I have taken a THA or other online healthy lifestyle program?
Why would I share the results of my THA with my Kaiser doctor?

View FAQs about Privacy > >

Help! I still have questions

  1. Need to confirm that you completed your Wellness Screening and/or online health assessment by June 30, 2017?
  2. Technical issues with your health plan's website?
  3. Wellness Screening and/or THA completion status not showing in your Workday account after early August 2017?

The following vendor(s) are available to assist you!